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The Beamish Brothers are a rising duo of multitalented siblings handcrafting a new flavour of intelligent alt-pop music. 2019 marks the much anticipated launch of The Beamish Brothers after achieving 8 million streams prior to this as a featured artist. Their recently released EP ‘Brutalism’ has broken into the scene, after attracting over 100k streams on Spotify, their fusion of ‘soul, funk and indie-pop’ (Pophrt) and the ‘Duos synergy and delivery of flawless, celestial harmonies’ (Artist1on1) only peaks the beginning of what is in stall for these Toowoomba brothers.

The Beamish Brothers completed a Japan and South Korea tour earlier in June, where they were featured in several Japanese media platforms “Freshness, pure youthful groove and exceptionally beautiful harmonies” (Megahorn) which sought interest after their success with signing a distribution deal in South Korea, supporting Tia Gostelow in Australia and signing a Global* publishing deal with the incredible Embassy Music before heading on a national tour. The brothers continue to move forward as new artists and look forward to riding the wave of success


‘Kills Me Every Time’ Music Video 


Captivating up-tempo pop riff to create a heartfelt hit.

It’s equally parks, soul, funk and indie-pop served up on a

platter of emotionally driven lyrics that help the track to

pack its punch

Pophrt April 18th 2019 

The Beamish Brothers Kills Me Every Time 

The duo, comprising of Toowomba locals Ben and Jeremy mould a musical solidarity between one another. The duos synergy is apparent through their attention to and delivery of flawless, celestial harmonies

Artist1on1 April 10th 2019 

We can expect big things in the future from the up and coming duo, as The Beamish Brothers newfound identity will bring a year packed with purpose-filled songs and exciting new projects, all quickly approaching!

Cultr February 6th 2019 

Heartfelt alt-pop with a significant message highlights The Beamish Brothers latest offering, the tender ballad 'Crying With No Tears' 

Scenstr 22 May 2019